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Our national partner, LeadingAge, is an association of 6,000 not for profit organizations dedicated to expanding the world of possibilities for aging

Together, we advance policies, promote practices and conduct research that supports, enables and empowers people to live fully as they age.

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Keynote Speakers



Tuesday, June 7th 

Denise Boudreau-Scott, Catalyst for Change  


   Denise Scott


TIRED TO INSPIRED ~  We all come into the aging services field wanting to make a difference in the lives of others, but after a few years we find ourselves feeling more tired than inspired! In this unique and powerful Keynote you’ll discover the astonishing underlying cause of the fatigue that so often turns the most idealistic and well-intentioned staff into part of the problem. Denise will reveal the insights she has learned in her 20+years of working in the field that will revitalize you, your staff and your residents, and turn your organization into a place where people are proud to live and work. You’ll find out how doing the right thing, in every sense of the word, will fill your community, build your reputation and have the hearts of your staff brimming with the love and enthusiasm that led them into aging services in the first place. You’ll take an exhilarating round trip from tired to inspired and return to your workplace with new ideas and concepts, and a simple but amazingly effective system to raise and sustain everyone’s energy.

   Wednesday, June 8th    

Jerry V. Teplitz, Teplitz Enterprises, Inc. 



Jerry Teplitz


INCREASING YOUR BRAIN’S PERFORMANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! ~ Our Wednesday Keynote is designed for individuals who are responsible for creating a more effective and dynamic organization. The program provides a method for personal brain re-engineering, which enables you, as a leader, to adapt quickly and successfully to a changing leadership environment and really make a difference.  
The personal technology used to accomplish this goal is a researched based process that uses specific movement exercises to access your untapped brain capabilities. In minutes, this allows what was difficult for you to do as a leader to become easy to do.
This presentation will strengthen the leadership skills you already have and give you the mental agility to add to your skills with surprising ease and confidence.

 Thursday, June 9th     

Bill Zipp, President, Leadership Link, Inc.         



    Bill Zipp LeadingAge



THE ONE THING THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING – How to Build a High Performance Culture
This is a fun, high energy motivational closing Keynote on the keys to building a great workplace culture in one’s organization.
Leadership has never been more challenging. The constant demand to do more with less, the deep distrust of anyone in authority, and endless daily distractions make one ask, almost in desperation, what does it take to lead today?
The answer, in a word, is this: culture. It’s the one thing that changes everything. Rather than having it be the occasional concern, effective leaders make it their top priority and reap the results of high performance. Participants will: Discover the all-pervasive power of culture and why it must become one of your top priorities. Understand how the values you have posted on the wall may be doing more to hurt your culture than help it. Learn why leadership is the cornerstone of culture and how to increase its effectiveness immediately. And, Answer three critical culture questions to get the numbers you need without the destroying the people who deliver them for you. 

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