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Our national partner, LeadingAge, is an association of 6,000 not for profit organizations dedicated to expanding the world of possibilities for aging

Together, we advance policies, promote practices and conduct research that supports, enables and empowers people to live fully as they age.

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Keynote Speakers


Tuesday, June 19th 

Katie Smith Sloan, President & CEO, LeadingAge      



The Times We Are In – Navigating the Head Winds

Katie Smith Sloan is President and CEO of LeadingAge.  Katie also serves as the executive director of the Global Ageing Network, an organization with a presence in over 50 countries committed to improving the quality of life for people as they age throughout the world.

She joined LeadingAge in April 2002, after having served in a number of key leadership positions at AARP. As a member of AARP’s senior leadership team, Sloan was responsible for major social marketing initiatives to carry out the association’s strategic priorities in health and wellness, economic security, and consumer protection.

Sloan serves on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation, HelpAge USA, the Long Term Quality Alliance (LTQA) and ValueFirst, a group purchasing company serving the aging services field. She is also co-chair of Dementia Friendly America, a multi-sector collaborative with a mission to foster dementia friendly communities.

She has a strong commitment to the consumer movement, and serves as secretary-treasurer of the Consumer Federation of America.

Sloan has a master’s degree from the George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College.


Tuesday, June 19th 

Gea Sijpkes, CEO, Humanitas Deventer         

The Netherlands, Actiz  www.humanitasdeventer.nl 



Gea Sijpkes is CEO of Humanitas Deventer, a long-term care community and social service organization that brings elderly residents and students under one roof. Besides holding Master’s degrees in both Health Science and Master of Business Administration, Sijpkes is a registered nurse and board member of the national association of nursing homes in the Netherlands (Actiz). The in house students-model for elderly care provides elderly residents with the vital connection with the outside world and it helps students make ends meet. In exchange for free housing Dutch students in the town of Deventer are good neighbors for the Humanitas seniors. On top of that Humanitas Deventer is breaking down walls, creating a more inclusive society.

Her management style is characterized by “walk the talk”. She involves herself with residents and staff.  “I focus on results”.  She has special knowledge in elderly care and social innovation and a Board Member of the National Organization for Nursing Homes in The Netherlands, Actiz.

Gea’s personal motto ~ “That if you want to reach a goal, you have to act at a certain moment.  For example in Humanitas we have started several projects, with the aim to break down the walls and to help create an inclusive society. To accomplish this I cooperate with other organizations and their representatives. Our core values are: Love, Together and Positive. These core values are created together with all our employees and you can see them in everything we do.”

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   Wednesday, June 20th 

Dan Diamond, MD ~ Performance Under Pressure  




Burned Out or Fired Up?  Addressing the Imminent Threat to Your Organization 

We all share the goal of leading an organization where people are engaged, productivity is solid, and patients receive great care. But, we face more challenges than ever before. These days, it’s easy to become discouraged and disengage. Dr. Dan Diamond knows first hand how to get things done when times are tough and resources are scarce. He was the Director of the Medical Triage Unit at the New Orleans Convention Center after Katrina and he has responded to some of the most devastating international disasters of our time. His jaw-dropping stories will show you the power of mindset and equip you to thrive

We all want to make a difference, but there certainly are a lot of challenges that get in the way. Dreams of significance fade as we struggle to get through the day. But, no one should go home at the end of the day with nothing left to give! Whether you are still firing on all cylinders or struggling to just get out of bed, Dr. Dan Diamond can help. He is passionate about equipping people to make a difference when times are tough. He is an electrifying speaker on a mission to help people with his rock solid experience and insights from the “front lines” of disasters around the globe. He was the Director of the Medical Triage Unit at the New Orleans Convention Center following Hurricane Katrina, led one of the first medical teams into Haiti following their devastating earthquake, and deployed to the Philippines following Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). His stories are unforgettable, his insights will change your perspective, and he will inspire you to live a life of significance.


 Thursday, June 21st     

Steve Moran, Publisher, Senior Housing Forum





How To Be The Leader Everyone Wants To Follow  

There are great leaders and terrible leaders and there is a sense that great leaders are born and not made.  This is not true!  While a 5 foot tall woman will never be able to be an NBA player or a 110 pound guy, can never be an NFL player no matter how much they want it.  Anyone who’s heart burns to be a great leader can be.

In this engaging keynote Steve will provide the two essential ingredients for becoming and being a great leader.  

Steve Moran’s  You Tube  Message to our attendees

Steve is a celebrated publisher, writer and speaker who is known for his passion and commitment to the field of senior living.   Through Senior Housing Forum, one of the most read blogs in our field, he takes on the tough topics that others won’t.  More importantly, he elevates our field by talking about the positive contributions individuals and organizations are making to improve the lives of elders and team members.  Formerly, he has developed, operated and marketed senior living communities.  He gives back to his community and our field in a multitude of ways including extensive volunteer work at his church and sitting on the board of Abe’s Garden in Nashville.  

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