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Our national partner, LeadingAge, is an association of 6,000 not for profit organizations dedicated to expanding the world of possibilities for aging

Together, we advance policies, promote practices and conduct research that supports, enables and empowers people to live fully as they age.

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Leadership Institute

 2017-18 Leadership Institute application LINK

Meet our 2016-2017

Leadership Institute Graduates & Coaches! Congratulations  Link


Team Janice Pate Team John Storz
Team Mark Linden Team Chris Magill


LeadingAge WA’s 2015-16 Leadership Institute Graduates & Coaches!  Congratulations!  LINK

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2017-18 Application below!

Congratulations! 2014-15 Leadership Institute Graduates  Link

Congratulations! 2013-14  Leadership Institute Graduates

LI Alumni 2013_2014

Jay Aguas, Nikkei Concerns – Nikkei Manor; Brooks Brainerd, Sage Architectural Alliance; Jonalyn Brown, Consonus Healthcare; Rosalinda Fernandez, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Phyllis Gearring-Anderson, Optum Post Acute Services; Suzanne Gollhofer, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro;  Tim Graves, Crista Shores; Lawana King, Gardens at Juanita Bay; Kathy Knutzen, Christian Health Care Center; Robby Lanouette, Tacoma Lutheran; Wendy Li, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Chris Manio, Northaven; Kate Quebe, Franke Tobey Jones; Deanna Simpson-McNeal, Tacoma Lutheran; Bob Taylor, Sodexo/Tacoma Lutheran; Thea Van-Houl, Wesley Homes; Laura Williams, Garden Village; Roberto Yranela, Covenant Shores

2013 Leadership Institute Alumni

Graduating LI Fellows 2013

Alumni: Diana Buckalew, Garden Village; Annika DiNovi, Cristwood Nursing and Rehab; Karen Gamble, Covenant Shores; Mary Hindall, Consonus Healthcare Services; Anthony Laflen, Consonus Healthcare Services; Chris Magill, Franke Tobey Jones; Julie Martin, LeadingAge Washington; Carlene Marquis, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement;  Annie Morningstar, Franciscan System Services; Cynthia Pack, Evercare;  Edwin Pasion, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Catherine Reis-El Bara, Christian Health Care Center; Cindy Sears, Columbia Lutheran Home; Tracy Starcher, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Valerie Thiel, SAGE Architectural Alliance; Scott Wotring, Sodexo (Warm Beach)  Coaches: Karmen Hudson, The Kenney; R. Kevin McFeely, The Hearthstone; Glen Melin, Crista Shores; Mark Mullen, Fred Lind Manor; Facilitator: Michele Holleran, DeArment Consulting

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2012 Leadership Institute Alumni

Becky Bearden, Consonus Healthcare Services; Yoko Berthet, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Valerie Blanco, Garden Village; Sheryl Breidenbach, Evercare; Meagan Clark, The Gardens at Juanita Bay; Kristine Grant, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community; Jean Henkels, Covenant Shores; Twila Lorenzen, University of WA, Tacoma; Jerry Nelner, Consonus Healthcare Services; John Storz, CRISTA Senior Living; Eugenia Vinyar, Emerald Heights; Karen Lee Werner, Sodexo Senior Living.

2011 Leadership Institute Alumni

Alumni: Sherlyn Bessette, Judson Park; Jessica Chow, Nikkei Concerns – Seattle Keiro; Ben Coffman Infinity Rehab; Susan Cottrell, Timber Ridge at Talus; Linda Coulson, Evercare; Pete Del Signore, Consonus Healthcare Services; Jan Dion, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community; Pamela Gill, Cristwood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center; Karmen Hudson, The Kenney; Mark Linden, Exeter House; Janice Pate, Covenant Shores; Naniofa Poulivaati-Mounga, Wesley Homes Des Moines; Alisa Sands, Warm Beach Senior Community; Kelly Scott, Living Care Retirement Community; Joanie Vivaz, Wesley Homes



2010 Leadership Institute Alumni

Alumni: (Back L-R) Nikole Jay, Emerald Heights; Joy Del Calzo, The Kenney; Sharon Christor, Tacoma Lutheran; Kevin McFeely, The Kenney; Dan DeBoise, Riverview Retirement Community; Deneen Richardson, Evercare; Lynette Ladenburg, Tacoma Lutheran; (Front L-R) Anne Arakaki-Lock, Covenant Shores; Tracy Fritts, Consonus Healthcare Services; Shelley O’Brien, Caroline Kline Galland Home; Christine Bachman Hall, Franke Tobey Jones; Marlita Basada, Covenant Shores; Lisa Meinecke, Wesley Homes; David Heyer, Columbia Lutheran Home; Darlene Storti, Northaven; Russ Akiyama, Judson Park; Pat Sylvia, Aging Services; Michele Holleran, Holleran & Associates – (not pictured) Manisha Desai, Sodexo Senior Services; Laura Hofmann, Warm Beach.




The LeadingAge Washington Leadership Institute vision is to develop leaders who will serve their organizations, state affiliates and the field of aging services in an exemplary, dynamic and innovative fashion. This new class of leaders will be the pioneers for the future of aging services.

2017 – 18  Dates

Participants will engage in four face-to-face learning experiences that include visits to member communities, intimate conversations with aging services leaders and self-exploration of leadership styles through exercises and readings. Dates, sites & themes are as follows:

  • October 25-26, 2017,  Authenticity
  • January 24-25, 2018,  Innovation
  • April 4-5, 2018, Empowerment
  • June 19-20, 2018,  Relationship Management

LINK  Nomination Pkt. Submit by: August 21, 2017



Contact Pat Sylvia, Director of Education and Member Development, LeadingAge Washington
PSylvia@LeadingAge.org  *  (253) 964-8870

2017 – 18 Faculty:

  • Tracy Fritts, VP, Consonus Healthcare
  • Karmen Hudson, Sales Director, Judson Park
  • Mark Linden, Culinary Regional Director, Parkshore
  • John Storz, Community Relations Associate, CRISTA Senior Living
  • Mary Hindal, Consonus Healthcare

Co-Sponsored by:






The LeadingAge Leadership Institute provides meaningful leadership and growth opportunities which emphasize the vital importance of relationship building, emotional intelligence and transformational leadership skills.


  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Collaboration and Commitment
  • Responsiveness and Open Communication
  • Respect and Generous Listening
  • Trust Building
  • Innovation



Learn how leaders become more authentic through clarification of personal values and their own leadership philosophy.

Understand the concepts behind distributed leadership and empowerment.

Explore how paradigm shifts occur, supporting environments of creativity and innovation.

Become aware of how a leader’s emotions influence the workplace and everyone in it.

Discover the secret of building trust at multiple levels-with others, within organizations, and communities at large.

Diamond Sponsors

  • Sodexo
  • Consonus
  • Morrison
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