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Our national partner, LeadingAge, is an association of 6,000 not for profit organizations dedicated to expanding the world of possibilities for aging

Together, we advance policies, promote practices and conduct research that supports, enables and empowers people to live fully as they age.

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Group Retrospective Rating Program (Retro)

LeadingAge Washington’s Group Retrospective Rating Program (Retro), formed in 1983, provides opportunities for significant savings and rebates on your organization’s labor and industries insurance premiums, in addition to effective, proven risk management strategies in the areas of worker safety and back-to-work programs.  Dept. of L & I Fact Sheet

The benefits of participating in this program:

PREMIUM REFUNDSReceive rebates on premiums you pay to the Department of Labor and Industries.  Once again, the LeadingAge Washington Retro program rated first in the category of $5 million or more in annual premium.  This is the first time, however, that LeadingAge has won in the $5M premium category for each of the three consecutive years in a look-back period.  Congratulations goes to the Group Retro Members and Comprehensive Risk Management (CRM), our third party program administrator.

Retro is an optional financial incentive program offered by the state’s Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) to help qualifying employers reduce their industrial insurance (Workers’ Compensation) costs. By spreading risk among the group, employers may become eligible for refunds of premiums paid, with the potential for greater returns based on the group’s  performance  as a whole.

Effective Workers’ Comp claims management is a key to the Retro program’s success.  CRM works closely with participants to ensure claims are properly processed and settled in a fair and timely manner.  Employers receive personalized training for their management staff, transitional and light-duty  job descriptions, a full handbook on claims management and  filing procedures as well as an annual  safety  audit.

LeadingAge has consistently out-performed other association sponsored Retro programs in our risk classifications, receiving an average 47% return of premium over the last 5 years and a 43%  return of premium over the last 10 years.  As a comparison, a competing long term health care retro returned 22% of its members’ premium for final adjustment in the 2010 plan year.

 2016 Best Performance Award: Loss Ratio – Congratulations to….

EMPLOYEE SAFETY – Group Retro is focused on preventing injuries and minimizing time-loss. LeadingAge Washington’s Group Retro administrator Comprehensive Risk Management (CRM) provides on-site loss prevention consultation and monthly seminars on loss prevention management.

Group Retro – Risk Management Quarterly Newsletter                                                                       April 2017

January 2017

October 2016


PROFESSIONAL CLAIMS MANAGEMENT – CRM works directly with the Department of Labor and Industries to process claims in a fair and timely manner. They work with you, the injured employee, doctors, and the State to validate and manage claims to appropriate and cost effective resolutions.

LEGAL COUNSEL – CRM offers in-house legal counsel to act on your behalf should the need arise.

Comprehensive Risk Management Inc

JOB ANALYSIS BANKReceive a free copy of the LeadingAge Washington Job Analysis Bank containing 27 job descriptions including a detailed analysis of physical demands which have been approved by L&I. It’s an invaluable resource for implementing an early-return-to-work program and for writing job descriptions specific to long term care and senior housing.  Job Analysis Bank Handbook 2016

EQUIPMENT REBATES – Receive assistance with purchases of safety equipment and products, from lifts, to transfer belts, to no-slip footwear.

SAVINGS – Every dollar you save in workers comp premiums is a dollar you can invest in services for your residents and benefits for your employees.

For more information, please contact Angie at the LeadingAge Washington office at (253) 964-8870. 

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